{ READ } Style Your Brand, by Fiona Humberstone

I got my friend from the UK to bring this book out for me in Feb this year and for some reason I haven’t made the time to complete reading it until this weekend – I WANT TO KICK MYSELF FOR THAT!


How to Style Your Brand is a fabulous guide to getting your business/blog’s visual identity in line with your branding ethos, and it’s written by Fiona Humberstone from thebrand-stylist.com


Despite recognising a lot of the principles Humberstone talks about from my own existing practices when it comes to designing logos/brands (yay!), my biggest takeaway from the book is her use of colour psychology and allocating a ‘season’ (and sometimes a sub-season) to each individual styling project based on the brief and style preferences of the client. And yes, we are totally talking Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter here – I know it seems weird but it totally works and basically if you want to know more you should really just read the book ;)

It’s now available in SA (thanks Bee for dragging it all the way for me here anyway!) and I would high recommend it to designers (new and veteran) as well as anyone with an interest in brand styling and/or those with businesses that are looking at having their branding designed/redesigned – it’s SO useful and inspiring!

Cannot wait to incorporate my learnings into my own processes and to even reassess my own branding and visuals again because of it!

That said, changes are a-coming, I’ve made some big decisions about moving forward with this little (recently neglected) blog and I can’t wait to share it all with you (as soon as I get it straight in my head first!)


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