Happy 4th Birthday to my Big Baby

Right this minute, four years ago to the day, I was in the middle of a highly-drugged up, pre-eclamptic labour at St Georges hospital in London. I never wrote about then it or was particularly vocal about it at the time, but only a while afterwards did I realise what a traumatic experience it was (mostly for hubby I think who sat soberly by my side the entire time)

After Addi arrived, I was kept in hospital for a whole week and sent home with a shoebox-sized bag of drugs and injections that I had to give to myself daily for six weeks. I narrowly escaped a blood transfusion too, and most of the people I share the tale with today cant believe that I still ended up having a natural birth when everything happening that day was so wild!

Sadly, I don’t remember a lot of that day very well (luckily hubby was there to remind me how I spoke to the midwives all day about Grey’s Anatomy, and that I was basically IN LOVE with my anesthetist Dave!) but I do remember the EXACT moment I laid eyes on the most miraculous thing to ever happen to me… My sweet baby girl was honestly the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I fell in love immediately.

Now four years later, she fills me with so much pride and joy, I just want to burst sometimes from the disbelief that WE ACTUALLY MADE THAT!

She is growing into this independent, smart, highly amusing and strong-willed little girl and I cant wait to see what life has in store for her.

But for today, my sweet child, may you feel special and loved (because you are, so very much!) and I wish you many more happy birthdays to come.



(pics from her birthday ring at school this morning, so cute!)


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