It’s been a little quiet over here – ICYMI, I’ve got news ;)

That’s right, I wont beat around the bush, BABY BARRAS NUMBER THREE is on his/her way!

I feel like I have been pregnant for an eternity – in all honestly I have been keeping the secret (not very well) since I was just 4/5 weeks in – and yesterday after my 12/13 week scan we decided to let the cat out of the bag on Facebook and Insties.

To say we are all chuffed is an understatement – we’ve been thinking about a third for a while, but kind of maybe only towards the end of the year – this little miracle had other plans and just decided it wasn’t waiting that long, much like how my other two made their start in life ;)

After a week of denying the symptoms,Β  I eventually took a test and voila, two dark lines appeared almost immediately… (But lets face it, 3rd time round, you just KNOW that when the mince smells weird, and you need to start taking midday naps, you are knocked up so there wasn’t really much denial involved!)

So here we are – 13,5 weeks in, with a due date of 16 October. It’s been a rough few weeks, nowhere near as bad as it was with Addi though, but I have had to slow down a lot. Have taken on much less work, my bank account is feeling the pain of it, but my body is thanking me for the extra sleep and less stress…

The kids are excited – Jules doesn’t ‘get it’ as much as Addi does but we all talk about the baby often and Addi seems to think it’s a boy (who she wants to call “Jordan Bernard” after her mate at school?!)

We are DYING to find out the sex and hopefully will in the next few weeks. I will honestly be happy either way, but there is much external pressure for a boy, for obvious reasons ;) Name ideas have already been thrown around, but as before, will only share once baby is born.

Despite my blogging absence of late, had to share this snippet because we are truly over the moon and – I hate to use this term but it’s quite apt – feeling blessed!

Do you think these two ragamuffins (living their best lives) actually have any idea what they are in for?! I’m not quite sure ;)

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.50.33 AM


5 thoughts on “It’s been a little quiet over here – ICYMI, I’ve got news ;)

  1. midlandshouseofhealing says:

    Congrats!! and I am very happy. You are the perfect mom and giver of LOVE! the no 3 will be awesome, I am also swaying towards a boy on this one! Many many blessings and LOVE! Colleen

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