LOVING: Noisli – boosting my focus while I work

For someone who doesn’t typically work well with background noise, and who generally CRAVES a few minutes of silence (because, two times toddlers = lots of distraction) I’m LOVING Noisli – a ‘white noise’ / productivity-boosting desktop app that is not only functional, but beautifully designed, which is always a plus for the creative in me!


(Before I carry on – just so you know, this isn’t a sponsored post at all – I just like to share cool stuff!)

So basically, how it works is that you set up a profile on Noisli, and you can pick and mix your own ‘white noise’ – unleash your inner DJ and think ambient sounds like rain, wind, the rhythmic whirring of a fan – using sound in this way is a well known technique for improving concentration, but equally as useful for drowning out irritating noises (for me it’s the neighbours daily leafblower sessions!) The sound is delivered directly from your speakers and can be played with or without earphones (I prefer the latter, extra noise-blockage!)

If you dig the combination you’ve made, save it by adding it to your personal ‘favourites’. For the uninspired, there are random pre-mixes so that you don’t need to waste all your time playing around with sound effects when you actually have work to do (see – already boosting your productivity!)

Noisli also has a timer so you can get your Pomodoro on, and a text editor that, quote, “allows you to pleasantly write in a minimal and distraction free environment, helping you to focus more on what you are writing and boost your efficiency

I could waffle on for ages – but honestly, just go check it out for yourself – it’s really helped me over the past few weeks to remain focused while I work.

I’d LOVE to see Noisli figure out a way to incorporate the idea into a bookmark plugin – #JUSTSAYIN’… I only use the desktop version (which is free) but there is also a mobile app (low cost) for those on the go.

More at Noisli.com



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