Good Read: Steal Like An Artist – Austin Kleon

I have been wanting to read Steal Like An Artist, by Austin Kleon, for a while now and was so chuffed that Nicola took notice of my Christmas Wish List hinting and ordered a copy for me! (She actually ordered it before my wish list was published which makes here an even better friend so I’m very lucky to have her as a partner-in-business-crime in more ways than one!)

steal like an artist cleverbirdbanter2
With the kids being on school holiday and my beloved Fikile on leave, I’ve been balancing all sorts of things and haven’t had a chance to get into the book properly – until last night. Finished it one go, and just loved it!

It’s a quick, easy read and reminiscent of one of my other favourite motivational books, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, by Paul Arden. Both have the black and white design vibe going on; they are easy to read; and I dig the straight-to-the-point pearls of wisdoms they share,  that can be applied across many creative fields…

steal like an artist cleverbirdbanter
Basically, Kleon shares ten things he wished he’d heard when he was starting out – and as a relatively experienced creative, I can totally relate – there are still things on his list that I’m learning about and experiencing for myself – a great read for creatives of all levels.

DO IT. I’m off to buy his other book now…

{ above pics BORROWED from Austin’s website }


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