Skinny laMinx Block Printed Scarves

Last week, Skinny laMinx released a second batch of their limited run of fine cotton scarves, designed by Heather Moore and hand block-printed in Bagru, India. (I did an interview with Heather last year on my blog – one of my creative idols, her work is super inspiring!)

The first batch that went on sale a few months ago sold out so quickly that I didn’t have a chance to get my mitts on one, so this time round I was prepared and had my name on a waiting list to be emailed about their arrival as soon as it happened!

Well, my Geo Ochre print scarf arrived on Friday (beautifully packaged) and I could not be more thrilled with it!

If you know me personally at you will probably notice that I always wear a scarf/pashmina and if not, it’s likely I have one in my bag or car as a back up. I just love them to “jooojhe” up and outfit or to use if I’m feeling the cold etc – my collection has grown over the past few years and I have at least 25 different scarves in my wardrobe!


Pearl-Scarf_close-up-3These Skinny laMinx ones have a gorgeous texture and are bigger than your average scarf/pashmina which I LOVE. Never mind the gorgeous print and colours – just beautiful and very me (one of my fav colours in the world is ochre and the right shade is hard to come by!)

SkinnyLaminx_Scarf Geo-Ochre-Scarf-pair-2
See here for more details –



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