Be grateful today for the things you want to have in your life tomorrow

I can’t claim this quote entirely as my own – I saw something similar on Facebook but I’ve put my own spin on it to make it less religion-specific and I hope it stops you in your tracks like it stopped me…



Thought provoking, right?

I totally believe in The Law of Attraction (a la The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, based on the premise that ‘like attracts like’) and I always try to keep it in mind when I can remember to – I’m not perfect, I sometimes let The Bad creep in – but being grateful for the positives in my life is what constantly keeps me moving forward, striving to create more happiness and joy for myself and others.

So when you’re reading this post (tomorrow morning after it’s been published, because I’m writing it last night – confusing I know) – these are the things I will look forward to in my day / beyond, because I’m putting them out there into the universe right now, and practicing some GRATITUDE:

… I am grateful for my incredibly beautiful family – my amazing husband and all the hard work he does, and my two sweet and precious baby girls – my everything!

… I am grateful to have a roof over my head, food in my tummy, and most often than not – access to clean water, electricity and other basics denied to many in SA

… I am grateful for my health, and a body that may be imperfect, but one that grew two amazing humans in it pretty perfectly!

… I am grateful for special friends who encourage, support and shower me with love

… I am grateful for online friends who offer kind words and friendship even though we are yet to meet “IRL” – see what I did there ;)

… I am grateful for abundant work opportunities that allow me to express myself creatively and to meet interesting people

… I am grateful for a career that allows me the flexibility I need to function as a mom and a business woman

… I am grateful for amazing clients who trust me to bring their visions to life

… I am grateful for constant opportunities to learn something new – in work, and life in general

… I am grateful for technology (purely because I am a geek and I love that shizz!)

… I am grateful for books and stories that allow me to escape and explore new worlds and different eras

… I am grateful to be able to call two countries ‘home’ – my years in London shaped me and allowed me to see SA more positively and with new-found appreciation

… I am grateful for choice in so many areas of life, again, a privilege reserved for few

… I am grateful for strong women – some I know personally, others admired from afar – who have inspired me and shown me that anything is possible

… I am grateful for small things and simple moments in life, because I’ve come to know that they are actually the ones that count…

My Hump Day Challenge to YOU: think about and voice what you are grateful for – I hope my post inspires you x


3 thoughts on “Be grateful today for the things you want to have in your life tomorrow

  1. catjuggles says:

    Gratitude is so hugely important. In really bad times I had a gratitude journal that totally made the difference. Come to think of it – I should start using it again

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