Recent Reads – some book reccomendations…

Haven’t done a book post in a while – between work and the kids it’s a miracle that I even get the time to read but somehow I make it happen and I love the escape! Much to Hubby’s dismay, if it’s a really good one, I’m up til all hours in bed with the light on as I page my way through….

So, my top three reads in the past few months include:

1. The Girl On The Train – Paula Hawkins


A great thriller set in London with some interesting twists – read if you loved Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl – very much the same dark, questioning vibe…

2. The Seven Sisters by Lucinda Riley

7 sisters

The first in a 7 part series – this book is thick, so prepare to exercise those arm muscles! Had me continuously trying to guess how everyone/everything in the story was connected. Set partly in France, partly in Brazil, jumping between characters and generations/time – loved it, can’t wait for second book to be released in November… Just hope that I’m not over it by book seven!

3. The Day We Disappeared – Lucy Robinson


My friend Francesca was spouting off about this on FB because she was Lucy Robinson’s publicist for the book – so I downloaded it in support of her efforts and albeit a bit slow to start, totally got into it and thoroughly enjoyed it all the way to the plot twist at the end!

Would love to hear recommendations for new books to try if anyone has any?


3 thoughts on “Recent Reads – some book reccomendations…

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi Nihaad, thanks for the comment – you must def read TGotT! I need to make time to read more too – your new blog look is lovely :) Take care, Andrea x

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