Masabelaneni Initiative @ Caversham Centre

I recently posted about the beautiful hand printed fabric produced by Caversham Textiles, but what I also enjoyed about my first visit to their studio was discovering the Masabelaneni (“let us share“) community initiative which aims to support and inspire local youngsters through creative programmes, workshops and collaborative art projects.

Loved the beautiful work displayed in the center at Caversham, so much so that I bought a few treasures home with me!

cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_2 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_3 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_4

My purchases (below) included a trio of linocut prints on paper, yet to be framed; an awesome washing machine print peg bag, backed with vibey shwe shwe (too cool to hide in the kitchen, will be hanging it in my office to store craft bits or something!) and a fishy themed print on fabric (actually a place mat) that I will also be framing, hopefully soon!

Everything was so stunning and carefully made, it was torturous to choose something, but I love that there are so many talented artists out there!

cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_5 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_6 cleverbirdbanter_masabelaneni_7


For more pics and info, check out their Facebook page and show them some love <3


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