Caversham Textiles – beautiful prints on my doorstep!

A few weekends ago I visited the nearby Caversham Textiles during their Marathon Pop-Up Weekend to check out what the vibe was and find out more about their beautiful printed fabri. Was happy to feast my eyes on so many beautiful colours options and patterns – all hand printed onto locally-sourced 100% Cotton Twill and ready to be made into all sorts of homeware and decor deliciousness! Fabric is sold by the metre and designs can be custom printed in any of their available colours – check out my pics below and for more info, visit www.cavershamtextiles.comย 

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_6A beautiful, light and airy work space / studio…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_5This goldy-ochre colour has my name all over it!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_4Not all earthy and neautral! These beautiful brights will definitely take center stage in any environment.

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_7Inspired by nature…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_8Cute and quirky birdies – LOVE!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_9Most excited about this find – taking note for when we redo some of the lighting at home – thanks to our high ceilings we can afford to go BIG and these shades are just grand!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_3Fabric buckets! ‘Organisers’ dream!

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_2There really is something for everyone here…

cleverbirdbanter_caversham-textiles_1Printing display – this is my FAVOURITE print from their entire collection – envisioning it on a reupholstered arm chair, swoon!


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