For the love of stationery…

Attention all stationery lovers – droolworthy treats from CityGirl Searching (all the way from South Korea!) now available in store at The Ruby Orchard. Purchased an adorable notebook, sticky notes, pen and pencil last week and just had to go back for MORE yesterday!

Am I a complete nerd to be obsessed with the fact that the notebooks have narrow lines (to fit more in on my daily to do list!) and that the thin nibs make the pens so lovely to write with?!


For those not in KZN, grab some directly from Roxy’s online store:



8 thoughts on “For the love of stationery…

    • Andrea says:

      No probs, Im loving it so much, just wish I had bought some sooner! Will def be making an order from you soon as have spotted some other bits on the online shop that I simply must have ;) Have a lovely day x

    • Andrea says:

      But of course – totally obsessed – makes my ‘to do’ list that much more enjoyable! x

    • Andrea says:

      Hahahaha you can do it Gae, embrace your inner nerd ;) I just love it because I love writing and ticking off to do lists so if anything makes that a more joyful experience, then Im all for it! x

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