A Fishing Trip to Highmoor Nature Reserve

Hubby looooooves to fish, although since we’ve been back in SA (two and a half years, can you even?) he hasn’t had much time to do any fishing, so as a birthday treat, I booked the babysitter (aka my mom), and we headed for the hills at the crack of dawn on Sunday…

Highmoor Nature Reserve is situated in the central region of the Maloti-Drakensberg Park not far from the well-known Midlands Meander stretch. It offers accommodation, picnic spots and beautiful walks, but most-importantly for our needs, it has two well stocked trout dams.

Booking for fishing is ESSENTIAL – even as a day visitor – because they only allow six people to fish the dams per day. We found this out the hard way…

Even though I actually phoned the head office beforehand to find out, I was told that I wouldn’t need to make any sort of reservation. When we arrived, the ranger on duty had other news for us. Luckily, she made a plan and we were allowed in because one of the other bookings hadn’t arrived. (She was obviously feeling bad when I spontaneously burst into tears, feeling so crap that I had potentially ruined our special outing – not a ‘ploy’ on my part at all – was genuinely gutted and couldn’t keep the taps closed, but it probably worked in my favour anyway!)

Those few moments of distress were well worth it though because it was such a beautiful morning – hubby had a blast, caught a fish in each of the dams (catch and release), and I wondered around snapping pics with my Nikon and soaking up the Autumn sun…

DSC_0021web DSC_0051web DSC_0061web DSC_0077web DSC_0102web DSC_0111web DSC_0123web DSC_0153web11189994_721705467940857_1368617346_n DSC_0194web DSC_0226web DSC_0272web

Would highly recommend a trip up there for nature lovers, and anyone needing a break from life – the scenery was breathtaking and I can still feel the benefits of that fresh mountain air in my lungs. It wasn’t too far from civilization (just under an hour away from Nottingham Road) but would like to warn that the road is quite bad in one patch – still worth the trip because the drive up alone is spectacular.

Finish off your outing with a meal at the famous Cleopatra Mountain Farmhouse nearby, which is exactly what we did – blog post to follow ;)


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