New Winter Boots, because BRRRRRRR!

I’ve definitely noticed a chill in the Midlands air recently, and after quite a cold spell last week and the beautiful Autumnal sunshine streaming through my windows daily, suspicions have been confirmed – Winter IS on it’s way!

Cue angels singing and cherubs on harps, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year – it always makes me nostalgic for London – bring out the boots, scarves and coats already!

We were in Clarens this weekend for a wedding (so lovely!) and given the altitude, we really felt the cooler weather. Of course, as always, we hadn’t quite packed for it though… Spotted a Tsonga shop when we arrived and after a quick gander, fell totally in love with these soft, wool-lined flat boots…

tsonga boots cleverbirdbanterI didn’t buy them immediately but literally could not stop thinking about them so had to go back the next day and try them on. It was game over after that and my bank account is hating me, but right now, my feet think I’m pretty rad…

tsonga-boots-cleverbirdbanter-2I remember owning my first pair of Tsonga shoes (some low-wedge mule-type numbers!) as a young teen when the local-born brand was still in it’s infancy and nowhere near as well-known as it is now, and they lasted forever!

So excited to get some good wear out of these ones – totally worth the spend for the quality and workmanship involved :)




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