Au Revoir 2014, See You In The New Year


It is true that I have been neglectful of my blog lately, I wont deny that – all the usual excuses apply – you know, LIFE. So I’m taking a little (more formal) break and will be back in the New Year with a clearer head, a litte more enthusiasm and hopefully soon, a new look!

For now – a quick note to say goodbye to 2014 – what a fabulous year it has been <3

Moved house, grew my freelancing business, grew my family (by one times great dane) and made many special memories with my beautiful baby girls and my dear hubby.

Thanks to all of my supporters for the love, catch you on the flipside and wishing you all a safe and happy festive season x

{ image by: Florian Klauer }


4 thoughts on “Au Revoir 2014, See You In The New Year

  1. Gaelyn Cokayne says:

    So glad to hear you’ve had such a wonderfully successful year. Hope you have an amazing break!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks friend, you too – top of my goal list for next year is to relook at my weight/health, feeling excited, thanks for the continued support :)

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