Latest DIY: Shelving Makeover Using Annie Sloan Paint

cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan_titlepicBeen dying to try some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint after seeing it on the net and finding out that it’s sold locally in a number of stores across SA. Picked a piece of furniture that was in dire need of a makeover – this small book shelf unit that was given to me recently by a family friend:

…and then got to work on it! The colour I’ve used is called Florence and Im particularly excited about it because it’s a far cry from the neutral shades I’d usually go for.cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan3cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan1cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan4

The finished product has made itself at home in my office and I have now decided to use it as a starting point in terms of a colour palette for my office/craft room makeover (still dreaming up what I’d actually like to do in the room – not to mention saving for it!)

cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan5cleverbirdbanter_anniesloan6Tips / How To:

Let me start off by saying that there actually wasn’t much work involved in this project because with chalk paint, you don’t need to sand or prime your surface AT ALL.

1.Β  Grab a piece of furniture that you’d like to liven up – if you don’t have anything at home that you can play around with, the furniture section on Gumtree is fab place to find something that is in need of some TLC. Older / second hand / previously loved furniture is often in good nick structure-wise, but just needs some work in terms of finish. Gumtree is full of good deals and exciting finds, so make sure to search in your area frequently to grab a bargain!

2. Unless there are some seriously unruly bumps/gutters in your wood, you can just wipe it down and make sure it’s clean and dry before you begin with the first coat.

3. Use a small sponge roller rather than a paint brush to help avoid streaks and to paint more evenly – I found that the paint dried really quickly and after I switched from brush to roller, it was definitely easier and created a smoother finish.

4. Wait until each coat is dry before starting the next – I did three coats on my shelves to create a nice even feel – if you are planning to go for a distressed look, you probably need fewer.

5. Once your final coat has dried completely, you can wax the item. Instructions say to use a brush or a clean rag to apply wax (I used the latter, I found that it wasnt going on as smoothly with a brush) and in all the research I did before attempting this project, the main thing I saw being emphasized over and over again, was not to apply too much wax! Once you are actually doing it, you will see what I mean. Smudge on a dollop of wax and smooth it into the surface with even circuar movements, making sure you dont miss any spots! Wipe any excess globs off with a rag. If you are doing any distressing, this is where you will sand away the areas you would like “thinned” out (there are loads of blog posts and tutorials out there on achieving a distressed feel, I have yet to try it for myself though!)

6. Wait until your wax has dried before you move the piece – you will be able to feel that it is less ‘tacky’ when you touch it – but note that it will take a full month to cure fully so be gentle with it in the interim, especially if it is a functional item like mine.

7. Stand back and admire your (not so) hard work!

So easy to transform an inexpensive, second hand item into something new and exciting!

Happy painting :)

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10 thoughts on “Latest DIY: Shelving Makeover Using Annie Sloan Paint

  1. Nicky says:

    Awesome – I almost bought a tin of this chalk paint yesterday, but chickened out at last minute as I was worried the easy directions the sales lady gave me were “watered down” to make it seem more easy than it actually is. So glad it really does seem as easy as she said it was (humble apologies to the truthful sales lady!) as I’m dying to slap some paint onto something!

    Also great tip re the roller vs brush! Think I’ll give it a bash as soon as I find a suitable furniture victim!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks for the comment Nicky – I’d totally go for it, works like a bomb and it really is that easy :) Have fun!

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