Undivided Roots ZA

A few weeks ago, Big Beat Productions got in touch to see if I’d like to do some design work for a cool PMB-based band called Undivided Roots ZA – obviously I said YES!


The band has a heartwarming and inspirational story: based in a settlement called Edendale on the outskirts of Pietermaritzburg, it was formed by the late (Ntsangu) Roots Cele, a legendary street musician and activist, father and teacher. Roots passed away a few years ago, but before he did, he succeeded in teaching all his children (currently ranging in age from 7 to 30) to play music and perform together (mostly reggae, but other stuff too) – and they continue to do so in his legacy. Their goal: to “to spread the message off ONENESS & LUV, to entertain people far and wide, to educate through music”Β 

HOW RAD ARE THEY?! Can we also just take a moment to process the fact that their lead guitarist is only TEN!

Last Wednesday marked a special occasion for Undivided Roots ZA as they performed at a Music In The Hills event at The Knoll Barn in Hilton – the band received a surprise handover from Big Beat Productions (a complete sound system!) and their new logo was revealed.URZA-logo_final_blog


SO sad I wasn’t able to make the event (hubby was away and I had no one to babysit!), but by all accounts it was a fabulous evening, and here’s a vid of the proceedings, followed by a few more pics by photographer Candice Christie. Honoured to have played a small part in making these awesome people SMILE!


1392014_625639840878542_3183207875244295120_n 1517380_625640147545178_4130458174552084430_n 1781539_627688547340338_6360705423868908553_o 1900175_625640027545190_2289478386034350693_n 1920095_625640227545170_6910706761603839286_n 10273278_627688617340331_3063210189593624996_o 10390391_627695040673022_5231418813320859354_n 10426140_627690197340173_4531500855052384180_n 10629773_627690514006808_5938112553716842630_n 10644246_625639687545224_5493694847083182801_o 10644396_627688954006964_1155812595668349446_o 10711058_625640134211846_516050409231527380_n 10750275_627688560673670_3806570615815627861_o

For more info on the band, boookings etc – contact their guardian/manager: Gavin Paul Joliffe on 079 569 1204 / gavinpaul@pmbnet.co.za and be sure to follow them on Facebook for news updates and to show your support!







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