Two Years Today Since We Touched Down in SA

It has been two whole years since I left London with my 5 month old baby and waved goodbye to hubby at the airport, not knowing when he would be back with us.

It has been two years to the day since we landed back in SA and delved into the unknown.

It has been two years of ups and downs, happy’s and sad’s and incredible adventures. I am constantly amazed by how time flies by in an instant, and yet it feels like eons have passed.

In those two years since we’ve been back:

I broke my leg

legsWe moved into our little townhouse in Hilton

dimsWe found out we were pregnant

number-2We went to some awesome weddings

hallWe celebrated one year of life

addi-and-daddyWe celebrated new life

I started Baby Bird Basics

cropped-bbb-new-design3We survived a family holiday to CT (just!)

ct-2We bought a house

I launched my freelance graphic design business website


We welcomed a fur baby into the family
10598648_1530350510511965_1253699674_nWe celebrated another first birthday


We have shared the journey with amazing friends, some old (my dear Jozi girls and SF come to mind) and some new – supportive like-minded ladies from my moms-group; online buddies who I haven’t even met and who show me so much love through the computer (!), and then those who started off as mainly-online friends but who have transformed into real life inspirations and motivators (Nicola, Colleen and Keri to name a few) – you guys all play a big part in our happiness now that we’ve settled back in SA… thank you!

I do miss London though, I wont lie. I miss it’s conveniences and variety. I miss it’s culture. I miss it’s unlimited cell phone contracts, gaaaahhhhhh! (Death to PAYG!) I miss my friends there and so much more, but all in all I think that coming back to SA was the best thing we have done.

To wake up each morning on this beautiful continent – UNBEATABLE.




14 thoughts on “Two Years Today Since We Touched Down in SA

    • Andrea says:

      So glad to hear it – so many people are so negative about being in SA, just wish everyone could see the positive side to it too! x

  1. indieBerries says:

    Love this post!! Happy 2 year anniversary! GEEEZ time flies!! (CT family pic is my FAVE! haha) also – cannot believe how much Jules looks like you in that last pic!!!! x CUTENESS!

  2. Caley says:

    It is amazing how so much can happen in such a short space of time but so glad you came back too! How long were you in London? x

    • Andrea says:

      Just under seven years! I left straight after uni and it really was the place where I first became an adult and had to fend for myself ;)

  3. Peg & Pencil says:

    Your post gave me chills. We have hit the three year mark since living in the UK for 8 years. Most of what you have accomplished since being back is pretty much spot on with us (minus the broken leg part, ouch) I miss it. everyday. but, like you say, coming home was the best thing to do. SA is wonderful and I am glad I came back to see it for myself and introduce my babies to their roots. xxx

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