Embarking (Again!) On A Healthier Lifestyle Mission

This morning I’m refamiliarising myself with my A New Weigh programme so that I can commit fully to become a healthier, happier me. (Oh, am I not just a living breathing cliche!)

I pretty much fell off the wagon completely after my initial weight loss earlier this year and have gained about half back… Not ideal.

I have all the excuses and no excuse at all, I knew what I was doing and have felt the effects of the weight creeping back on: effects on my confidence, energy, general life focus, and in my new clothes of course!

I know there are so many people blogging about their health/diet/exercise endeavours at the moment and so many other (jealous?) people are being negative and judgey about it all, but I really think it’s great that there’s such a big collective of like-minded people who are trying to better their lives through a healthier lifestyle, no matter what route they take to do so.

I like to share my story for a purely selfish reason – it makes me feel accountable if I tell everyone I’m going to do it, it motivates and encourages me to connect with those who might be going through similar experiences and with people who support me.

My end goal is more about changing the way I think + my relationship with food than it is about changing my body – so here I go again, wish me luck!




12 thoughts on “Embarking (Again!) On A Healthier Lifestyle Mission

  1. kovo says:

    I am struggling with this same thing, esp because I am so addicted to sugar! Low enegry levels, big dips in concentration, tired. I’m with you on this one, time for a food revolution. You can dooo eeet ;)

    • Andrea says:

      THANKS KATE! It’s amazing how diet can affect us in so many ways! Good luck to you too!

  2. CharlieW says:

    I joined the Fat to FIT challenge so I am doing A New Weigh with you from Monday!! I posted about it yesterday, and I could feeling all the rolling eyes just after I pressed publish. But you know what… we are doing it for ourselves! To become healthier and happier. I am super excited and nervous! Good luck xxx

    • Andrea says:

      Congrats Charlie, thats so awesome! You wont regret it – dont be nervous either :) And you are right, totally about doing it for ourselves and not letting any Judger-Watchers bring us down! Look forward to reading updates x

  3. Gemma Comber says:

    You go Girlfriend! I 100% admire your commitment to everything you do. You’re so wonderfully talented. Love you. x

  4. The Blessed Barrenness says:

    Good luck Andrea!
    And I agree with you, I’ve also been blogging my health/weight loss journey as I find it keeps me accountable and inspires others along the way so the eye rollers can just deal!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Sharon, you are TOTALLY one of my inspirations to try again, so impressed with your life change, incredible! x

  5. Gaelyn Cokayne says:

    Yay welcome back!!!! You have already shown what you’re capable of, you know how amazingly strong willed and determined you can be. You’re going to do brilliantly!

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