A Quick Catch Up + Some Of My Recent Work

I’ve been a shocking blogger of late (I know a couple of other bloggers who are feeling this way too, something in the air?!) – life has been a whirlwind, so thought I’d do a quick round-up of all the things that are keeping me busy :)

1. These two. Always.10584565_715875391817564_1181131791_n They are such joys. And they are growing up so quickly. I cant believe my little baby is going to be one in less than a month! Working on her party plans at the moment but have pretty much decided on Teddy Bears picnic theme (thanks to everyone for the input and suggestions!)

2. We got a puppy! Meet Lily…10598648_1530350510511965_1253699674_n
She’s a 2 month old Great Dane and a very sweet little thing but unfortunately is causing major stress in the eating department… She’s the runt and has never been a particularly good eater, hence very thin, and occasionally she throws up if she’s eaten too much / too quickly. I’ve been feeding her 5-6 smaller meals a day and have to be on constant vom-control, and wow, it’s pretty much like having a new baby in the house! She’s managed to pick up 900g in just over a week and she never really throws up more than once a day but let’s just say this ‘first puppy’ experience is not quite going the way I’d imagined it (she really has stolen our hearts though and gets away with total murder, I mean, just look at that face!)

3. Work – wow, I have been doing a lot of that – all sorts of things…SC-CAkeA sweet little logo to double as a watermark for Sam’s new cake business in Port Elizabeth – what a pleasure she is to work with and her cakes are just incredible little works of art in themselves!WM-PackagingSome packaging work for Rondavel Soaps new all-natural Men’s Range, Wild Mountain – more to come on this in a separate blog post soon, and maybe even a sneaky giveaway! MP&FA logo and bits n bobs for Mel who recently launched her local Photobooth & Functions business here in The Midlands (such a clever idea seeing that the area is like the Mecca of wedding venues, well done Mel!)

Big-TreeSome logo concepts for an awesome American client with an online school of Natural Healing (website still in development) and whom I was recommended to by the wonderful Nicola Tweed

And LOADS more which I will share when I can :)

4. I picked up my awesome prize – hairpin leg coffee table made from reclaimed wood – from Neil at The Streets Furniture – thanks again to all those that helped me to win by liking my shared post on FB, you all rock <3

5. Reading – yup, I got sucked into the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth and could not put my Kindle down until I had ploughed through all three books! If that kind of dystopian genre is your thing, you’ll love it! Watched the first movie recently too, and Four (played by Theo James) is totally swoon-worthy ;-)

photo-1Welcome_to_DauntlessOver and out x


3 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up + Some Of My Recent Work

  1. Sam Cumberland says:

    Hi Andrea!

    I can’t believe I only just saw this now!!!! It’s so exciting to see my fabulous logo on there!!! xx thanks again!

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