Big Love for The Counter

Today I dont have a Homegrown Creatives post for you all, my bad, life got in the way this week so forgive me!? I do have a story and some pics to share from my recent weekend away, and I’d personally include it in the ‘creative’ category anyway, so meet the kids from The Counter!


I metย Meg Pascoe many years ago through a mutual friend (cant remember when or how, but pretty sure there was alcohol and laughter involved) and reconnected with her on the Twitterzee after long time, no see while I was still living in London… I’ve watched from afar as she brought her little dream to life, partnering with her friend Ian, and have cheered along on the sidelines ever since The Counter was born. I have been drooling over pictures of the now-famous brownies for LITERAL years and finally – FINALLY – I got the chance to taste one (and more) after a quick trip up to Jozi this past weekend for an epic wedding (thats a WHOLE other story!)

All I can say is WOW – totally worth the wait – AND – hands down, BEST BROWNIES IN THE WORLD (this is a big statement to lay claim to but trust me!)

I had a raging hangover when I visited The Counter stand at Market on Main so unfortunately couldn’t stomach more than a bite of my friends burger (delish, obviously), but I took home a whole bag of treats which didn’t last long between post-hangy-hunger-pangs / being padkos for the trip home / mistakenly allowing hubby to catch sight of it all…



The white chocolate fudge. I die. (It didn’t even see the light of day long enough for me to get a photo of it!) The brownies, need I say more:


Their new Love Bar – seriously – layers of brownie, fudge, marshmallow covered in chocolate, hello?!


Dark Chocolate Oreo Fudge!!!!!!!


Also, dont you just love their new branding and website by You & Me Design?




So proud of everything you have achieved <3
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3 thoughts on “Big Love for The Counter

  1. dummymommy says:

    OH MY WORD! I ate their Oreo fudge at the Fourways farmers market this weekend and I’m in LOVE! Damo and I even fought about the last piece!

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