Some snaps from my recent pottery classes

For the past few months I have been attending a weekly pottery class, hosted by local potter Garth Hoets in his home studio in Hilton. It’s such a great way to unwind and beat out the days frustrations through the use of clay as a punching bag ;) I really look forward to every Wednesday night (my escape from work and the kids!) and find that I am constantly on the look out for ceramic inspiration these days…

Garth’s classes are not too structured which is awesome – once he’s shown us the basics, each student gets to decide what they want to work on and we learn as we go along (everyone is at different levels anyway so this approach is much more suited to the individual).

We can also choose between hand or wheel work – I have done mostly hand to date, not for any particular reason other than because I’m having fun with it! I tried some wheel work the other day (made a few small bowls) and am definitely keen to do some more in the near future, and to build on my throwing skills.

Sharing some pics here of the studio and my work – if you’re local and feel like getting creative, come and join us! If you’re not from around here and would like to find a class near you, visit the Ceramics Southern Africa website which lists numerous potters across the provinces and more info about the craft in general.

ellieshavings plattertools oval weave whale 1 buckets bowl1  mix2 scratchings1 spoons1kiln1 big bowl wheel3  cheeseboard1 wheel1 mix1 whale1wheel2 urchin1 vase1 pea pod pre glaze  blue bowlneon yellow glaze pea pods, vase + bowls


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