DIY Orb Chandelier Lighting Update!

A few weeks ago I posted about my idea for making a budget-friendly version of some beautiful feature lights I’d seen in a local shop… With a little vision and some help from my very clever, DIY-king of a Dad, we achieved THIS:

LightsBeforeLightsAfterHigh ceilings afford me the opportunity to really go big with lighting in this house and I’m super thrilled with how these turned out! They’re modern, but still in-keeping with the style of the house and BOTH lights came in at just under R400 for the pair – compared to nearly R10 000 for two where I’d originally seen the idea (original ones obviously are different in structure and materials but the idea is still the same)

Lights3I like Big Bulbs and I cannot lie…

Lights2 Dad doing his thang…. High ceilings require very tall ladders!

Lights4Lights5Lights6Lights1What do you guys think?! I reckon this DIY was a complete winner and a great illustration on how you can really get creative with lighting! Now need to come up with some ideas for the rest of the house…



2 thoughts on “DIY Orb Chandelier Lighting Update!

  1. citygirlsearching says:

    These are amazing Andrea! Well done :) They add such a fabulous element to your home…looking forward to seeing of your new home too x

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