Hi, Im back – here’s a post-moving update for you!


Coming to you live from my new office in my new dream house!

Feels like ages since I have even visited my little blog, never mind writing any posts – the past week or so has been crrrrrrazy but I cant tell you how happy I am to be all moved in and settled. Feels like we have been here for ages already which I’m taking as a sign of just how much this was all meant to be (like I needed any convincing!)

Even though we are 95% unpacked the house is still looking like a bit of a mess because I’ve just hung pics up willy nilly all over the place on existing picture hooks and obviously we are short on some furniture and rugs, it all needs a good paint and theres lots to fix and do etc, but that will come in time, and I cant wait to really start making it my own!

Have started saving for my new office furniture (most excited about having a room to myself where I dont have to get hubby to agree on/like anything I choose to do), and looking for inspiration on Pinterest is literally making me salivate at what could be!

I think our biggest challenge in terms of decorating is keeping things in line with the style of the house. I have a lot of modern decor ideas but keep needing to remind myself that it all needs to work with the old-wooden-floor-high-ceiling-sash-window vibes…

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas – throw them my way!? Here are some pics – not the best but will give you an idea :)

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 11.49.08 AM

office slash room where everything gets dumped (this is an older pic, its currently looking better than this, but I definitely need some more storage solutions for all my stuff!)


lounge – tv yet to be wall mounted and fireplace in dire need of a test run because this house is coooooold (waiting to get  a screen before we light it!)

dining roomstiny table floating in a sea of dining room…

kitchennot the best shot of the kitchen – dual-coloured cabinets must go (Im thinking paint white?) and flooring will eventually be replaced (yugh, vinyl tiles!)

verandaverandah off our bedroom, love the light <3

veggiesoon to be veggie patch – need to get my green-fingers on!

garden1kidz zone and guest room

gazebogazebo and messy garden – looooots of leaves to be raked up!

More soon, I promise ;)

Happy weekend all x



20 thoughts on “Hi, Im back – here’s a post-moving update for you!

  1. Pips King says:

    Wow – such a stunning old home, Ands! You are going to have a ball making it your own.

    • Andrea says:

      Dying for you to see if properly friend, Im sure you will have some creative ideas to share with me too! x

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