Today I Resolve to Be Kinder

Yesterday morning I had a conversation with someone that left me annoyed and upset – the person I was speaking to was abrasive and it felt as though they were causing problems just for the sake of it. I walked away and the negative vibes consumed me (until I met up with Keri and Nicola and they made it all better!)

I later on spoke to someone else who was aware of the situation and it turns out that Person X is having a really tough time personally, and that she is under a lot of stress on the work front. Fair enough, we all have bad days. I’ll admit, I probably caught her at a bad/inappropriate time to chat.

While I don’t think it’s necessary to take your problems out on others – realistically, we all do it to some degree and it’s hard to avoid at times, to reign in our emotions and be everything that everyone else needs us to be.

We are all under stress. We all have demons and problems to face – I think that’s worth remembering – we all need to be a little kinder to others, a little more understanding, a little kinder to ourselves.

Some inspiring words and pictures for the day ahead…

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9 thoughts on “Today I Resolve to Be Kinder

    • Andrea says:

      Gosh, I have been so bad at reading blogs lately, been so busy – I have about a million Bloglovin notifications! – must check it out soon x

  1. Gaelyn Cokayne says:

    It’s one of the teachings of Buddhism that I love most – living a life of loving kindness. No matter how hard things get or how stressed you are, always be kind. To yourself and to others.

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