Skill Swapping / Exchange of Trade – the way forward!

I have always been a fan of swapping skills/services where fair and beneficial to both parties, so was thrilled when Colleen from Midlands House of Healing accepted my offer to do some design work for her in exchange for some healing/massage therapy sessions.

Skill swapping / exchange of trade is a great way for low-budget start-ups, small business, freelancers and non-profits to get what they need and share their own knowledge/skills, all while creating a name for themselves as they go along: now that Colleen knows I’m a local designer (with whom she’s had a good experience), when she hears of someone needing creative assistance, she might be more inclined to refer me, and vice versa after I have experienced her magical touch! (I actually first heard about Colleen through referal from Keri at Midlands Musings – power to Word of Mouth!)

The design side of things for this exchange project is well under way and thought I’d share my progress so far:




NEW LOGO (+ sneak peek at one of the proposed website images/elements)

d736761cca3211e3b7500002c9df51de_8As you can see, I tried to maintain the original elements – the vibrancy of colour and the healing-energy-reiki-hand vibe – I just neatened it up and gave it new life. I know that Colleen is happy with it and from what I can see on FB and Instagram etc – it’s been well received all round which makes me very pleased.

Keep an eye out for more updates :)

In the meantime, get swapping – the best part is that there are no rules and the worst that can happen if you make and offer to someone is that they will decline and you lose nothing. Worth a try!

Would love to hear more about exchange projects that worked out well for you?


7 thoughts on “Skill Swapping / Exchange of Trade – the way forward!

  1. femmegypsy says:

    I love that you kept the old elements but have managed to freshen up the concept so much! Skill swapping is definitely the way forward as long as (like you say) it is beneficial to both parties :) Enjoy your massages! Keri’s posts on Colleen make we want to move to the Midlands!

    • Andrea says:

      Ah, you will have to come visit ;) Thanks Tam, Im very pleased with how its all working out so far and as you know, happy client = happy me :)

  2. Tanya Jacobs says:

    I often use to work with a local chef and his uber talented niece to create the most amazing styled shoots. It was always fun for me to photograph and they got to keep all the photographs. Dying to find someone in Durban who wants to do this skill swapping. Also, time. Can’t wait to read all about your experience!

    • Andrea says:

      How awesome – I reckon you just need to throw it out there, twitter, FB etc and people will flock – everyone could use a photographer for something! Will be writing about my first session soon – it was amazing! ;)

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