Homegrown Creatives – Mini Interview with Heather from Skinny laMinx

I know it’s a Wednesday and my Homegrown Creatives features usually come out on a Friday, but thought I’d treat you all to a midweek mini interview with one of my very favourite creatives, Heather Moore from Skinny laMinx. Heather is a self taught illustrator and designer and started Skinny laMinx as a hobby in 2006. Her prints, textiles and designs can be found all over the world and she has recently launched an amazing wallpaper collaboration project with Robyn Sprong…


Where do you look for inspiration?

I keep a sketchbook with me constantly, and am always drawing things I see. I also take photos, which I find helps me to take note of what it is that I’m noticing. My Instagram and Pinterest accounts are useful things for me to look back on, as they reveal patterns of interest that I then explore further.

Who are your creative idols?

There are so many people whose creative ideas and output I admire, but I think because my own creative path has led me in the business direction, I’m particularly impressed with Paul Smith, who seems to have managed to be enormously creative, while apparently effortlessly building a major brand. What impresses me most is that he seems to be having a great deal of fun with it too!

Given the opportunity, where would you like to travel/explore?

I was in Tokyo with my husband last year, and loved it more than I could have imagined. I’d truly love to return and to explore the length and breadth of Japan. For months, if possible!

How does a typical day for you play out?

On the whole, my days are busy, productive, varied and interesting. My husband (artist Paul Edmunds – see www.pauledmunds.co.za) and I wake up early, then exercise or meditate (or just drink tea) then head out for coffee together before heading to our respective studios. There’s a good-size team at Skinny laMinx these days, so my day often starts with a meeting with my business partner, or shop manager, and then it’s all about emails, meetings, and other deadlines. I try to take time out of my week to devote to creative work, because if I’m not careful, the business side of things swallows everything up! So I try to reserve Fridays as my “making day”.

With a day all to yourself (no work, meetings, distractions, to-do-lists) and an unlimited budget, what would you get up to?

I’m a pretty simple creature. On a free day, I like to read, go to a yoga class, have a glass of wine with lunch, and just to hang out at home.

If you’d like to stalk Heather like I do, find her on the interwebs here:


And finally, some amazing pics of from Heathers Instagram feed / website / blog… {swoon!}

slideshow-1slideshow-131e976d92a5f611e3ae51126993c4de79_8slideshow-521cebaf6a86c11e3ac2412fc0c5d6ea6_8Skinny-laMinx-for-Robin-Sprong-2a039e604ba6911e3b8d2126f3d3312b1_8slideshow-12{ all pics from Skinny laMinx website / blog / instagram feed }




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