Competition: WIN! R2500 Fashion Voucher with Mr Price

After so many years of online shopping during my time in the UK (I practically bought EVERYTHING online), it delights me to see a functioning and easy to navigate site like Mr Price’s relatively new online shopping portal. Seriously, a lot of retailers in this country are getting it so wrong, it’s quite frightening…

I have yet to put in an order for myself, but maybe I’ll win the amazing competition they are hosting at the moment – R2500 shopping vouchers up for grabs – a girl can dream, right ;)

I’m waiting to lose a bit more of my baby weight (check out my progress here) before I hit the shops for a whole new wardrobe, but when I do, here’s what’s on my shopping list:


Loving the popular denim and floral print trend at the moment (cant go wrong with denim!) and it’s a perfect look for the up coming winter!

Click here if you would like the chance to WIN a R2500 Fashion Voucher with Mr Price

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4 thoughts on “Competition: WIN! R2500 Fashion Voucher with Mr Price

  1. Louise says:

    I love those floral leggings! Stunning! I do love the UK for its online shopping, but sometimes, nothing beats good ol Monsieur Price!

    • Andrea says:

      Ah man, what I would give for some Primarni action right now ;) Yes, Mr P has come a long way since my youth, tres impressed with it now, as a supplier and company in general!

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