How to make a bloggers day!

Nothing pleases a blogger more than feeling ‘heard’ through feedback from readers/followers.

On Thursday, my day was made by the simple gesture of an email (click on image to enlarge):thank you from reader

I’m not trying to blow my own horn by sharing these amazing, kind words, but just wanted to say thanks to this special reader for taking the time out to contact me, and to the rest of you who share your thoughts, encouragement and experiences by engaging with me on Twitter/Facebook and/or by commenting on my posts – it’s very much appreciated, probably more than you know :)

Happy weekend x



2 thoughts on “How to make a bloggers day!

  1. nikki lincoln says:

    Always so special when you get mails like this. I think sometimes blogging can feel like shouting into an empty room, we forget that our words touch people :-) Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend!

    • Andrea says:

      Well said Nikki! And so true, one email like this can make it all feel worth it. You have a good one too, what’s left of it anyway ;) x

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