Homegrown Creatives: meet Robyn from Zana

The first installment of my weekly Homegrown Creatives feature (yippee!) introduces Robyn Britz, part of the team at Zana, a Cape Town based home, textile and lifestyle brand “in love with colour, pattern and typography”… Enjoy!


Who are you and what do you do / make / sell?

Hey! I am Robyn co-owner of Zana and we make home, textile and lifestyle goods. Totally fun things to decorate life with!

Did you always know that you were headed in this direction – how did you get where you are today?

To be very honest, I had no idea I would one day be a business owner. I have always thought of myself as a good mix of creative and practical so I guess that helped get me where I am now. I studied to do multimedia design and have always had a massive crush on the web, so an online store was natural for me.

What makes your work / products / services unique?

Great quality, fun design, proudly South African & online!

Where do you look for inspiration?

I love to doodle and I also draw inspiration from the city of Cape Town. Just the other day in Woodstock I caught a glimpse of some polystyrene packaging chips blowing in the wind, sounds bizarre, but that’s the type of thing that catches my eye.

Who are your creative idols?

Everything Marrimeko does and obviously the founders of where fun meets cool – Jen Gotch of Ban.do & Bri Emery of Design Love Fest

Where do you like to hang out – what are your favorite spots in your town/city/country?

Skinny Legs on Loop Street is a morning favourite for me!

Given the opportunity, where would you like to travel/explore?

I am obsessing over traveling to New York. I’m a city girl!

How does a typical day for you play out?

Always starts with coffee, get to work, check emails, more coffee. I then look at social media, double checking orders, customer support, designing – as a small business owner I wear many hats!

With a day all to yourself (no meetings, distractions, to-do-lists) and an unlimited budget, what would you get up to?

I would spend a whole day at the Mount Nelson Spa (Have you checked that place out? It’s unreal!)

If you could have any other profession, what would it be?

I wouldn’t mind owning a coffee shop.

Where can we stalk you?

You can stalk us all over the place:


What does your workspace / studio look like?

Totally amazing! Light bright and amazing, we LOVE our space – see it here and here.

What is the work / design / product / project you are most proud of to date?

I’m really proud of our new range coming out soon. It’s got a lot of fun patterns & things that we have worked really hard on. Can’t wait to show everyone!

20131019_9_811il_fullxfull.530422586_1hneil_570xN.520846379_fmp6il_570xN.519697302_muqycushion-2tv31Thank you Robyn!


8 thoughts on “Homegrown Creatives: meet Robyn from Zana

    • Andrea says:

      No, thank YOU for taking part ;) Happy to share the creative love, hoping my readers will enjoy it too!

  1. Nicola Meyer says:

    Great interview! It is wonderful to see and get to know the face behind the company name. Fantastic products and designs.

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