Our Recent Cape Town Holiday (24 Feb – 4 Mar)


To say I was apprehensive to go on this holiday with both kids would be an understatement. A recent weekend away in Umhlanga proved highly stressful, so a whole week away in Cape Town (with a 90 minute drive and 2 hour flight either side) was pretty ambitious – and in a nutshell, my expectations were spot on. It sucked.

We tried to be positive. We tried to make the most of things. We tried to make it work… But, the reality was that we had two sick kids who hated driving around and whose naps times (or lack thereof!), feeding times, bed times etc dictated our every move. Hubby and I fought a lot (next time, I will be doing the driving!) and on top of everything, I was also man down for the last two days with an EPIC gastro bug that seems to be making the rounds in the Mother City (Capetonians be warned, it’s not pretty!)

We didn’t manage to fully stick to the itinerary I created and missed out on a lot of the things I really wanted to see/do HOWEVER, there were still a few moments of enjoyment between what seemed like hours of agony and chaos.

Here’s a quick round up of the trip as a whole (and I also have a few posts with more details lined up that will showcase some of my favourite finds/happier times!)


  • Monday – there was nothing good about this day except the waffle I had at Wimpy before we flew
  • Tuesday – taking the kids to the 2 Oceans Aquarium, win!
  • Wednesday – lunch at Caprice in Camps Bay with some of my favourite old uni friends: Dom, Bee and Gemma + other fab people
  • Thursday – we didn’t do anything all day after a bad night with both kids, but going to movies in the evening while Carin & Nelle baby sat was tops (we watched Dallas Buyers Club, I think I’m in love with Jared Leto)
  • Friday – blitzed through Design Indaba Expo (faster than I would’ve liked to but it was a choice between that and kids getting grumpy/lost)
  • Saturday – late lunch at Imhoff Farm, good food, space for toddler to run free (big thumbs up)
  • Sunday – Milnerton Market (bought an awesome huge chopping board with space for dips)
  • Monday – again, nothing good about this day (see The Really Ugly below…)
  • Tuesday – the BEST day – we came HOME <3



  • delayed flight on the way there
  • a screaming toddler on the plane (mine!)
  • toddler helping herself to other people’s food on the plane (as in more than one handful of chips out of their packet!)
  • toddler who didn’t have her lunchtime nap (ever)
  • baby who cried in the car (every time)
  • mozzies – why you no like to buzz off?
  • kids with temperatures, coughs and snot streaming down their faces. All. The. Time.
  • baby who woke up every two hours at night
  • constipated toddler
  • toddler who didn’t eat (quite unusual for this child of mine)
  • arguing with spouse over directions / what to do / where to go / how to get there
  • feeling like we had totally bombarded and taken over my sister and her girlfriends small flat (do you have any idea how much stuff you have to take when you travel with kids?!)
  • missing a night out courtesy of sick kids
  • not making it to: Charly’s Bakery, Skinny Laminx, Missibaba, Ma Mere Maison, The Woodstock Exchange, Babylonstoren, Chapmans Peak for a drive, Boulders Beach to show Addi the penguins, and a few other places I wanted to go to/pass through in general…


  • Sunday night and Monday – as previously mentioned, I was treated to a delightful tummy bug complete with toilet hugging ‘n hopping (joy) and severe weakness (felt worse than the worst hangover I’ve ever had)
  • the traffic – seriously, Cape Town, sort that shit out.


a) never to go on holiday with our kids again! Okay, not really. But if we do, they HAVE TO be over a certain age (like 18?)
b) if we did end up doing it again, a ‘beach cottage’ holiday with less sight-seeing and more chilling would be far more suitable
c) never to stay with other people again, even family, really not fair on them (or their neighbours!) or on us/the kids
d) always take lots of kiddy bribes!



7 thoughts on “Our Recent Cape Town Holiday (24 Feb – 4 Mar)

  1. Kirstey says:

    Good to know! We’re travelling home to SA this Christmas with our twins (who will be 13 months old)… not looking forward to the trip but at least we can camp out at my folks’ house and chill. Or try :)

    • Andrea says:

      Good luck Kirstey! Don’t let my moaning and mistakes worry you – positivity all the way I reckon! Fingers crossed! And remember – LOTS of things to bribe them with!!! ;)

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