Pretties from Elephantshoe

I was recently in touch with Sam and James from Elephantshoe (a boutique Paperie, Branding and Styling Design Studio, based in Johannesburg) to give me a quote for a client on their gorgeous made-to-order envelopes…

My client didn’t end up buying any, but I fell in love with the slightly shimmery ‘blush’ coloured envelopes (recommended specifically for this project by Sam) – so much so, that I ordered a set for myself anyway, even though I still have no idea what I’m going to use them for :)

They arrived within a few days and exceeded all my expectations – just BEAUTIFUL. Beautifully packaged as well and with a sweet little extra thrown in for good measure: some cute stamped gift tags… Very 4

photo 2photoe2w 3photo 3Have a look at the Elephantshoe online shop if you are looking for some lovely and creative gift ideas, craft supplies or stationery too!


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