Week 4: Fat2FIT Challenge


One month into the A New Weigh Fat2FIT Challenge and I can’t even begin to describe how life changing the past four weeks have been for me already!

Not only have I lost weight and cms, but I’ve changed my attitude towards food and the way I eat/cook. I’m not saying that chocolate will never touch these lips again (lets be realistic!) but I have a much better concept of day to day balance when it comes to food and exercise…

In the past week, I started swimming at a local gym pool – therapy for my soul, loving it and can’t recommend it more to those who find exercising hard. I also cut off all my hair! I was going to wait until I’d lost more weight but I’m so glad I didn’t – it feels liberating and has given me a real confidence boost.

I’ve come to the realization too that dieting, or as I prefer to refer to it, eating healthily is less about the food and more about the attitude!


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