Before you have children…


…travel, go to the cinema, go to restaurants, go to bars, go to parties, dance, go shopping, save money, spend money, have a long hot bath, get dressed up, wear heels, wear makeup, socialise, talk uninterruptedly, drink lots of wine, survive the hangover, get a manicure, read magazines, read books, read the newspaper, cook, don’t cook, craft, draw, write, blog, garden, DIY, just chill, watch TV, surf the net, sleep, nap, lounge, laze, poo in peace, drive aimlessly, road trip, explore, go cycling, go swimming, go running – go fast, go slow, your choice, just know: in terms of TIME and MONEY, this is the richest you will possibly ever be, until you measure your wealth DIFFERENTLY…

NOTE: just some random thoughts – reminiscing about my life prior to the kidlets – and certainly not saying you can’t do any of this stuff when you DO have kids, just that some of it is more challenging, and certainly different, when you have miniature people to consider before yourself. As tough as it can sometimes be, wouldn’t swap it for the world!



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