Week 1 of #f2f challenge complete and my first weigh in (eek!)

Cannot even begin to describe how ecstatic I am with my week one A New WeighFat to Fit Challenge‘ challenge results! Weighed and measured myself on Saturday morning (a week since starting) and here’s what I’ve lost…

photo 5
Just goes to show how a week of healthy, balanced meals and exercise (nearly every day) can really make a difference! I’m super motivated now and will hopefully have another good week ahead.

Before all the critics out there go on about how ‘that’s too much to lose in one week’, I suspect a lot of my initial measurements reflected bloating/water retention so don’t worry, I’m realistic enough to know that I cant/wont be losing this amount every week (if I was, there would be something seriously wrong!)


– The portions we feed ourselves at mealtimes are often far too big compared to what our bodies actually require
– Refined carbs and sugar are the devil – while I miss their yumminess, I don’t miss the effect they have on my body
– Water for the win!
– Snacking is important to keep the metabolism going and to actually stop you from feeling more hungry
– Exercise is a great spirit/mood lifter
– Sharing the journey with others can be hugely motivating and empowering (us challengers have a whatsapp group where share our struggles and triumphs)

Hashtag Happy Healthy 2014 ;)


17 thoughts on “Week 1 of #f2f challenge complete and my first weigh in (eek!)

  1. Fathima K says:

    That is INCREDIBLE! I always have so much respect for people who manage to lose large amounts of weight, that’s a lot of willpower in action. Well done and keep it up! :)

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Fathima, feeling really good and really do need it – fingers crossed the will power sticks! x

  2. Larissa says:

    Well done, keep going.. 4kgs… thats excellent.. I will be following you on ur journey while I do mine.. 3kgs down, but no excersise…

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