A new year and time for some changes…


The New Year is upon us and like so many others, I have a collection of resolutions and ideas for how I want things to change for the better in 2014… (this post is a little late, but better late than never, right?)


I’m pretty damn awesome so there’s not much that needs changing ;) But in all seriousness, I do need to sort out my weight. Two babies in quick succession has wreaked havoc on my body (and I wasn’t doing to great before they came along, lets be honest) so have signed up to the A New Weigh Fat to Fit Challenge that fellow blogger Gaelyn is holding, and am super excited that I’ve made such a proactive step towards actually making this change HAPPEN! I got a bit choked up and teary when I was sending my sign-up sheet in because I know how much I need this. Gaelyn’s own weight loss story and braveness in sharing her struggles is inspirational and I know a lot of us bloggers have been complaining about our weight lately, but now it really is time for me to tackle this constant battle in my life – if not for me, for my daughters because I want to be a positive and healthy role model, unlike many of the female examples in my own life growning up. It wont be easy because, damn, I do love food! But it will be totally worth it and I’ll keep you updated with my progress :)

Other things I’d like to work on:

♥ balance – spending less time working and more time enjoying my amazing family – this will require focus, less procrastination/laziness and better time management

♥ not doing / taking on too much – in work and general – I have gotten better at this, and better at saying ‘no’, trying to be realistic about what I can manage (especially now that I have TWO children) – but there is still room for improvement and I need to learn to prioritise who/what I spend my time on

♥ letting go – of the (sometimes unnecessary) anger and irritation I have with other people. I need to ‘accept’ more and not jump to conclusions before I’ve heard all the facts

♥ being kinder to myself – I really need to stop beating myself up about things that may not be *perfect* in my life


Baby Bird Basics – I have so many ideas of what I want to do with this but my old enemy TIME is being a problem as usual ;) On the cards: a website redesign, new products, collaborations and more – watch this space!

Graphic Design – no major changes planned here but I would like to also give my website some love and attention at some stage too!


This little blog has really grown and found it’s identity over the past year or so with a heavy focus on creative stuff / projects and a sprinkling of ‘mommy blog’ posts. I want to keep the momentum going, but also want to write more from the heart about my experiences and the things I learn about life. I used to love writing and I was pretty good at it but somewhere along the way I lost that passion…

I also want to give my blog another facelift – a new year is definitely reason for a makeover but it will have to wait for a while because I have so much on my to do list at the moment, Im really trying to whittle it all down (see, Im already making progress with my resolutions, see *balance* and *not doing / taking on too much* above!)

So here’s to 2014 everyone, may it bring you enough x


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