Just me, being human (leaky boobs and all!)


A lot of people have commented recently about how amazing it is that I manage as much as I do with two babies, a small business, occasional freelance design work, blogging, crafting and life in general – let me assure you that I DO NOT have all my shit together all of the time ;)

I’m often found at home in my PJ pants, hair tied up, covered in toddler food or baby vomit. I’m not always a fountain of creativity and energy. I also feel low and demotivated at times, and what you see online – what I share – is only one facet of my life. I am not trying to hide the rest of it, I’m just selective about how much I share, and I love how my blog has finally found it’s identity this year with a more creative focus, but I’d also like to share more of the moments (often amusing) that make me HUMAN :)

Yesterday morning’s gotta-get-outta-the-house outing is a classic example. My first fail: heading into Pietermaritzburg with both kids when the temperature had already reached 28 degrees before 9am! Thought I’d go and have coffee at House of Heart where they have a great little play area for kids, perfect for Addi to run around while I chill out…

Left home and realised on the way there that I’d forgotten sunscreen and hat for her – crisis averted though – I remembered they sell cute little hats by Roses & Ragamuffins in the shop, so would just buy her another one because it would never go to waste (hubby bought one from there when I did the market there a few weeks back, very cute)

I get there, order some coffee, orange juice and water – Baby Jules starts niggling and I know she’s hungry so I put on my nursing cover and get the ball rolling (let me add that we are sitting under this umbrella near play area so that I can keep an eye on madam and it’s BOILING under there, so literally dying of heat now with another layer of clothing on) I was feeding Jules from the left boob and all of a sudden, the whole right side of my body was sopping wet – I’d forgotten to put a breast pad in my bra on that side and let’s just say the dairy was was pumping!

Then Addi starts her wild-child act and I’m running around in front of everyone at the restaurant with a wet chest while Jules is squawking in her car seat (she does this thing where she shrieks and it sounds like crying but it’s just the way she ‘talks’ – everyone else thinks she’s seriously distressed!)

Poor red-faced Addi was running after all the other kids who were just ignoring her, me chasing after her (“put your hat on, darling”), dripping with sweat (and milk, literally) and poor Jules looking like a lepper courtesy of her epic heat rash (she suffers terribly and unless it is freezing, she generally hangs out in just her nappy) – it was like some kind of nightmare.

As soon as I’d wolfed down my chicken mayo zaam, packed up the kids and paid – we were out of there. I’ve pretty much decided I am NEVER leaving the house with both of them again if it’s over 25 degrees! Not funny at the time, but tres laughable in retrospect as is often the case ;)


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