COOKBOOK: A Dainty Morsel – The St Anne’s Old Girls Cookbook

As a proud Old Girl I made sure to head the nearest stockist to pick up my copy of A Dainty Morsel before they all sold out – managed to get the last copy from Cookin at The Quarry in Hilton on Monday (and then promptly left in in my trolley and drove away but that is another story – it was rescued for me by the security guard at Woolies fortunately, otherwise someone else in Hilton would probably be enjoying it right now and I wouldn’t be writing this blog post!)


When I first heard that there was an Old Girls cookbook coming out, I immediately thought of the poorly compiled, plastic-wire-bound school fundraising cookbooks of my youth and didn’t give it much further thought, but WOW! WOW! WOW! – Im so impressed.

Not only is it beautifully laid out and printed (the designer in me approves), but the photography and recipe inclusions are also amazing! A big well done to Theresa Rattray and Sally Chance, the ladies behind it all.

Some pics below – they don’t do it justice though – you should really just get yourself a copy! Follow A Dainty Morsel on Facebook for more info on how to get your hands on a copy + other news…



4 thoughts on “COOKBOOK: A Dainty Morsel – The St Anne’s Old Girls Cookbook

  1. Tora Garside says:

    Where can I get a copyof A Dainty Morsel. Kloof News Agency has sold out. Thanks. Tora Garside

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