eBOOK: Rainfall – by Melissa Delport

Last week, on a whim and at the last minute, I entered a FB giveaway via Rattle and Mum and won a Kindle version of Rainfall by local author, Melissa Delport…rainfall-cover-opt-1
I’d actually heard about the book a few days before when I saw two fellow bloggers raving about it on Twitter, but forgot about it again soon after because, if I don’t make a note about something (usually I email myself!) then I might as well kiss the thought goodbye – my brain is practically still a sieve after having two babies so close together – I dont think I will ever fully recover from the dreaded “baby brain”!

Anyway – I have one word to describe the story and even that does not do it justice: AMAZING!

I always feel so proud when South African authors get it right and Melissa definitely has a winner with this insane psychological romance – which is very clever and interesting – and at the risk of sounding cliched: a complete page turner! With two small kiddies and a host of other things to take care of, for me to have prioritised and devoured this in less than two days flat means it must have been good…

Read more about the actual story here on Goodreads or visit Melissa’s website for more info. Currently available as an ebook only via Amazon.

Happy reading (have your tissues handy for this one though!!!)


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