A Summary: My First Market Experience…

So, as most of you know, this weekend Baby Bird Basics made it’s market debut! It was a real learning curve and a great experience overall – here’s my run down on how it went…

me at the markettable-display-6THE HIGHS

♥ so much fun planning and prepping

♥ met awesome people – mainly vendors like Sue ‘the dried fruit and nut lady’ (who I’m convinced I’ve met before but we couldn’t figure out where) and Angela ‘the beautiful-vintage-pendant-maker’ (whose brother I went to school with – such a small world!)

♥ viewed stunning handmade items – so many clever and talented people out there – and ate delicious food

♥ built up some confidence in talking to, and interacting with customers/potential buyers

♥ sold a few bibs

♥ supported other sellers and left the market a few kgs heavier (cupcakes, samoosas and lots of dried fruit/nuts!) and with some beautiful treasures

♥ some familiar faces from my moms groups and some friends popped by to show some much appreciated support (thank you all ♥)

♥ many laughs – especially at the awkward teenage couple who were on a ‘date’ and when an elderly couple tried to convince me (over a 20-minute time span) that making adult bibs for their counterparts in the old age home would be a great idea!

THE NOT-SO-HIGHS (can’t call them lows at all, mostly just things I have realised/learned from!)

♥ a LOT of people didn’t immediately know what my product was – in fact, I heard the words “bunting”, “cravat” and “serviettes” thrown around a lot, despite two framed pictures of my girls wearing the bibs placed boldly on the table. If I added some more pictorial examples of how the bibs are used, as well as listing their benefits etc more boldly somewhere in my display, and even just include the words “Bandana Bibs for Babies & Toddlers” a lot more boldly, I think it would help…

♥  as Che mentions in her really useful blog post/account of her first market day, choosing the right kind of market is really important… I chose the House of Heart market to test the waters of the market world because it was relatively small and I liked the homemade/handmade vibe aspect of it (no Chinese junk here, yo!) BUT I think I probably chose the worst weekend everrrrrrrrrr to showcase my wares because it turns out that every other Christmas market in the area was happening at the same time so it was super quiet (in my opinion anyway!)

♥ While I’m not unhappy AT ALL with any of the purchases I made this weekend – it is easy to fall into the trap of spending more than you make! it’s awesome to support other sellers but if you are coming away from every market with less than you arrived with it might become a problem – just saying!

♥ On Saturday morning I arrived to set up in gale force winds – something I hadn’t planned for. My awesome chicken-wire-frame (which I’d pegged bibs onto) and framed pictures etc kept blowing over, and my brown paper bags, business cards and the table cloth were blowing everywhere… Definitely something to remember if I’m going to attend outdoor markets in the future!

♥ weather obviously also plays a HUGE role in how busy the market may be… I think people might have been put off by Friday morning’s dismal weather even though it had improved by the time the market began on Friday evening. Saturday mornings weather was much better once the wind actually died down…

♥ even though I love the idea of markets, I have to accept the idea that they might not be right for me / my products at this time. Not throwing the towel in yet at all (actually have another one next weekend!) but I do have to consider and weigh up whether they are worth the time and effort I put into them (in this case for example, I actually received some email orders this weekend that were worth more than what I ended up selling at the market, never mind the fee for having a stand there…)


table display 4

My table display…table display 2

Close up of my brain child – the chicken-wire-frame that I pegged my bibs onto to make them more visible and to make the display a bit more visually attractive…table display 3

Close up of the pics I used to demonstrate how the bibs look/are used + plus Addi’s collectors Steiff teddy bear modelling a bib (his name is Elmar and he did a fantastic job!) pendant

My gorgeous new pendant made from a vintage plate by Angela at Lollapalooza/The Weeping Willow (I chose this one because of the two birds, one for each of my girls – I’m a cheese fest, I know!)fruit and nuts

Sue’s tempting dried fruit and nuts, right next to my table, killer – first time I’ve ever tried dried pineapple – so delicious!hat

The cute little Roses & Ragamuffins hat that Daddy bought for Baby Bird from the House of Heart Emporium shop – super impressed with his choice ;)


10 thoughts on “A Summary: My First Market Experience…

  1. Angela says:

    Your display is really lovely. As are your bibs … too bad my boys are long past the “drooling” stage ;) ( well actually not really a bad thing but it just means I dont get to try out your lovely products)

    • Andrea says:

      Haha! Thanks Ange – everyone on Instagram has been liking and commenting on the pic I put up of my necklace too :)

  2. Che Kershaw says:

    such a lovely post andrea! sounds like it went well! :) love the teddy bear in the display! i think people should definitely have gotten the bib vibe from that! x

    • Andrea says:

      Love them – one of my moms group friends also bought one for her little boy – super cute :)

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