DIY: Kitchen Makeover Using Red Wooden Crates

I woke up on Saturday morning with an itch to scratch. My kitchen felt plain and unexciting – and to be honest, for someone like me who loves food – completely uninspiring.

While in the shower, my big idea came to life and before I even got dressed I was telling hubby about it and looking on Pinterest for some inspiration. After that, we popped down to the mall and House of Heart Emporium in PMB to gather supplies…

This is what happened next:






and voila!kitchen-after
We left the smallest crate unattached to anything so that we can move it around if we want to change the display…

The crates we bought came from House of Heart Emporium and were made/re-purposed by a local company called Re.Creations. They come in a variety of colours and range from R120-R300 in price depending on size.

SO pleased with how my idea turned out – and look how great my new red scale from The Ruby Orchard looks! Happy Bird ♥

(So happy that I’m considering giving Addi’s room similar treatment soon except with whitewashed crates…)



13 thoughts on “DIY: Kitchen Makeover Using Red Wooden Crates

    • Andrea says:

      Ag nee – what kind of tiles? Maybe one day you can rip them all off and start from scratch!

      • Lee-Ann Lipman says:

        If we owned the flat, perhaps :( It’s the one thing that makes me excited for buying a place. Oh, and the ugly furniture of our furnished flat. One day when we’re grown up… ;)

  1. Audrey Birch says:

    Oh Andrea – I am very very impressed. It’s gorgeous. You proved it doesn’t have to cost a lot to impress. That is absolutely ingenious. Love it.

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