The Ruby Orchard, Howick


I finally squeezed in a trip to the stunning Ruby Orchard in Howick last Friday… So many people have been telling me that it’s the sort of place that is right up my alley and they weren’t wrong – kicking myself for not visiting sooner!

Bravely, I took both girls with me and Addi made firm friends with the lovely Nicola after they shared some jelly beans together while Baby Jules slept peacefully in her car seat, leaving Mama to browse the inspired collection of modern and vintage homeware, stationery and gifts.

When I say, I WANT EVERYTHING – I mean it. There is literally not one item in there that I would be unhappy with if I found it wrapped up and under the Christmas tree. From beautiful ceramics and printed tea towels to funky stationery and weathered frames, there really is something for everyone.

I’m seriously lusting after one item though – one of the vintage kitchen scales that is first to catch your eye as you walk in. Initially I thought the red one was ‘it’ but now I can’t decide – will have to convince hubby that he needs to buy me an early Christmas present because, WOW, it really is lovely!

Some pics from my visit – how great is the natural light and space too!

I couldn’t leave without treating myself to a little something something so this baby wooden crate and grey stripey notepad came home with us – LOVE…

photo 4

Check out the Ruby Orchard blog here: and follow them on Facebook here if you can bear to tempt yourself with seeing the regular pictures they post of all their beautiful wares!


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