DIY: Toddler Distraction Box

A few weeks ago, the lovely ladies at my Top Tots class – I mean, Addi’s Top Tots class! – spoiled us with some gifts for Number Two and thoughtfully, there were a few for Addi too…

One of the prezzies (from Sheryn, a mom of two in the know!) was a wrapped box which I was told to use in a moment of desperation – something I could give Addi if I needed to create a distraction while I was busy with baby, and if she was being a pain… I have named it – unimaginatively – The Distraction Box.

I was hoping to hold out for a while, but I had to give in and use it before baby was even two weeks old. Let’s just say, Addi is not taking to the new arrival quite as I’d hoped, and there is lots of whining going on in the Barras household at present…

She LOVED the box though and for a few moments, peace reigned – she was kept busy while I got on with what I needed to do.

So I bet you are all wondering now what exactly was in this magical box?!

The answer: nothing special really – but to a toddler, it was filled with an abundance of treasures!


Sheryn, with the help of her older daughter, Jorja, had packed the box with mostly recycled objects: simple things like little plastic tubs, a plastic formula scoop, the round cardboard part of a roll of tape, a sponge etc. Safe objects that children don’t normally play with but might find interesting – objects that are differently shaped, sized and textured…

Addi loved unwrapping the box, shredding the wrapping paper, exploring all the new items, and packing / unpacking them all from the box itself – a welcome break from her usual toys which she is probably a bit bored with anyway.


I thought it was such a wonderful idea and so simple, easy and inexpensive to make for your own little ones, or, like with us, as a gift for parents expecting their second child…

You can get really creative with what you put inside, and to make it even more fun (ahem, time consuming for the kid!) you could even wrap each individual item!



2 thoughts on “DIY: Toddler Distraction Box

  1. mandemydlo says:

    My friend told me about a similar thing but we called it a ‘sensory box’. ribbons, any sort of textured materials, even little sticks (that are safe) from the garden. there’s loads of random everyday things that can entertain a toddler for hours and doesnt cost any money. Water play is also good in the summer, bucket of water some bubbles and a few bath toys in the garden and voila! hours of fun.

    Good Luck honey, Im sure it will get better in time.

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