Special Snail Mail for Marisa at Omiyage

A while ago I got some lovely snail mail from Marisa at Omiyage in Canada! It took me a while to respond to her because I wanted my own letter to be just as pretty and amazing, as well as a reflection of me and my background…

I decided on a blue-shweshwe-washi-tape-protea theme and here are a few pics I took while making everything, as well as some of the final package itself…

envelope1 pack1envelope2 stamp2 stamp1letter1 letter2stamp3 proteadiy1 proteadiy2 shweshwe1washi1protea3protea2tag1

Thankfully the letter arrived safely (after a worrying delay due to me incorrectly addressing the envelope, oops!) and I really hope Marisa liked it as much as I enjoyed making it up for her…

If anyone else would like to do a snail mail / parcel swap with me, I’m always up for it – give me a shout and let’s arrange!

** By the way, keep your eyes open for the Paper Protea DIY featured here – coming soon! **



14 thoughts on “Special Snail Mail for Marisa at Omiyage

    • Andrea says:

      Definitely don’t mind if you are in SA :) Send me your postal address and I’ll send something your way!

      • Elizabeth says:

        I to, would love to swap a snail mail with you. Please send me your address or receive mine at ecc63@yahoo.com…I have been wanting to do this with others for a long time. I currently live in Mobile, Alabama.

  1. Roxy says:

    Oh wow girl! That package looks incredible! So beautifully put together, wow it really looks so lovely! I think we definitely need to partner up soon :) x

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Rox, super keen! I think I have more fun making them and putting them together than anything, but I do so love to receive mail myself! Let me know when you are keen and we can arrange x

    • Andrea says:

      Hi Lauren,

      Thanks for the comment! Yay for mail swappage! Drop me an email with your address and will include you on the list :)

      ands.barras [at] gmail.com


  2. marisaomiyage says:

    Andrea, this was such a delight to receive! I loved the protea stamp – so impressed (but not surprised) that you carved it yourself. The geometric washi tape protea was amazing and I LOVED that you included a DIY for me to do. I’ve tucked it away safely for a peaceful moment and will be sure to share a pic once I put it together. Thanks again for a wonderful mail & congrats on the birth of your little one!

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Marisa, so glad you liked it! Would love to see your protea once it’s done – will be sharing template and instructions on my blog soon too :) Good luck with your move! Ax

  3. Claudz says:

    I am amazed by how awesome your Snail Mail was!! Very very cool!!
    I think we should do a similar one for SA bloggers. It cost me a fortune to send to the USA and I would love to learn more about other places and cities in SA

    • Andrea says:

      Thanks Claudz! Yay for mail swapping, definitely cool to do an SA one! Drop me an email with your address and will include you on the list :)

      ands.barras [at] gmail.com


  4. petra says:

    Oh my hat! Love your snail mail parcel! I swap with crafters in the US and Canada! But how awesome would it be to swap in our own fair country? Expect a mail from me soon!

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