Taking Stock… My life at present…

Inspiration for this from Keri at Midlands Musings who wrote THIS POST (which you must read!) yesterday!

Making: physically, not a lot at the moment because, newborn baby. But Im making time. Time to spend with my Baby Bird and for myself, to recoup after the emotional rollercoaster of the last few days since Baby Jules came into our lives…

Cooking: pah, anything that comes from the freezer at this stage (although tonight’s dinner was thoughtfully dropped off for us by a friend this morning – thanks Jen ♥

Drinking: water (so good to glug it back now that I dont have to pee every 5 minutes!)

Reading: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

Wanting: random, but garden/patio furniture is high on my wish list at the moment so that I can sit outside comfirtably abd watch Addi play now that Summer is almost here. A jungle gym for my little monkey would also be ideal.

Looking: forward to tomorrow’s baby/sibling photoshoot with Tracey Potgieter

Playing: solitaire on my phone, constantly

Wasting: time on my computer when I probably should be sleeping (“sleep when baby sleeps!”)

Sewing: supposed to be sewing curtain tie-backs for our room and babies but haven’t gotten there yet…

Wishing: I had more time (and energy!) to do everything I want to do

Enjoying: the love and support I get from friends and even total strangers on the internet (Twitter, FB and Instagram – thank you everyone!)

Waiting: for hubby to get home from work – every day ♥

Liking: biscuits. Far too much at the moment.

Loving: my two baby girls, so blessed ♥

Hoping: that things keep running smoothly with Baby Jules, besides the typical newborn niggles, she’s great so far

Marveling: at the miracle of life (I know, all this is very baby-related!)

Needing: sleep (like you really need to ask the mother of a newborn what they need!) Oh, and wine!

Smelling: spring flowers in the breeze (sounds cliched but it’s true – beautiful day here in Hilton)

Wearing: black tracky pants – you know the ones that are old and grotty and should NEVER be worn in public… The ones you should probably just throw out but you cant quite bring yourself to do it…

Following: my gut when it comes to all things baby, so far so good!

Noticing: how amazing my darling Baby Bird is and how she grows and develops everyday. Just today alone I have heard two new words: ‘out-tide’ (outside) and ‘more’. She also understands a lot more than we give her credit for…

Knowing: that I am so much more fortunate than the majority of SA’s population and trying to remember that and show gratitude daily…

Thinking: about so many things – making mental notes about stuff I need/want to do, probably over-thinking things when it comes to baby, thinking about how blessed we are to have two beautiful amazing little girls…

Bookmarking: The Daybook blog as mentioned by Keri – thanks for sharing Kez – love discovering new blogs and websites!

Opening: my heart to change and deciding to let go of some old grudges…

Giggling: at the funny faces Baby Jules makes :)

Feeling: in a word, HAPPY ♥

{  Kirst from The Jolly Jammer was also inspired by Keri’s post – you can read her ‘stock take’ HERE…  }


10 thoughts on “Taking Stock… My life at present…

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