Market Day at Luci’s Unique Antiques (PMB)

ATTENTION: Pietermaritzburg / Natal Midlands locals – if you haven’t visited Luci’s Unique Antiques, you need to and this Saturday’s Market Day provides the perfect opportunity to see (and buy!) some amazing items.

Not only does Luci sell personally selected and beautiful antiques (I have seen her in action at the auctions myself!) but there are a number of other ‘shops’ in the different rooms of the old colonial house she is based in at 9 Lewis Lane, Wembley (close to the Royal Show Grounds/Voortrekker High School in PMB)

Market day promises a great selection of clothes, hats, rusks, Persian carpets, silverware, good food, jewellery, skin products, Dotti Biscotti gifts (beautiful ceramics and other specially selected items for the home which I will be blogging about separately soon!) and much, much more!

Don’t forget – think Christmas people – we always complain that gift shopping is a nightmare and left to the last minute, here’s your chance to rectify that!


09h00 – 15h00

Luci’s Unique Antiques

9 Lewis Lane, Wembley, Pmb

37016_484404544961374_691187424_n 420061_493234417411720_1642166778_n 482636_494674890601006_64683396_n 969957_501792746555887_174959719_n 970353_526079030793925_596049000_n 970358_525614020840426_1656437980_n 971303_504315416303620_706212753_n 1002595_524220030979825_1639246024_n 1004514_524670887601406_1366870850_n 1011766_504046342997194_297168545_n{ pics stolen from Luci’s Facebook page! }

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