My first completed crochet project (BIG LOL!)

A month or two ago, I organised an evening beginners crochet session with a few girl friends and convinced the granny from the local sewing/habby shop to come and give us a lesson…

We learned some basic stitches and had each completed a ‘granny square’ by the end of the evening…


I continued with my squares until each ball of wool was finished – practice makes perfect! – and was left with a whole bunch of squares and no idea what to really do with them. Some of them were a bit misshapen and there were lots of mistakes in them but nonetheless, am proud of myself for keeping going.

I decided to turn them into a “dolls blanket” – i.e. there wasn’t enough to make anything else really and I’d already grown bored of the colour scheme. PLUS – I had other ideas I wanted to try!

So here it is: my first ever completed crochet project…

crochet-4crochet-3crochet-2Addi doesn’t have a doll yet – we’re giving her one when Number Two arrives – but as you can see, this blankie is the perfect size for her favourite Woof Woof!

NEXT UP: one times GIANT granny square that I plan to keep going with until it becomes baby-blanket-sized and then will crochet a simple border around the edge in a complimentary colour – fun, fun, fun:)



11 thoughts on “My first completed crochet project (BIG LOL!)

  1. Elise Farley says:

    Oohh prettiness Ands. I hope you know I would be laughing at you, except that I knit and sew and do puzzles on a regular basis! I think they are awesome :-)

    On Thu, Sep 19, 2013 at 9:30 AM,

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