BOOK: My Animals and Other Family, by Clare Balding

“I had spent most of my childhood thinking I was a dog, and I suspect I had aged in dog years. By the time I was ten I had discovered the pain of unbearable loss. I had felt joy and jealousy. Most important of all, I knew how to love and how to let myself be loved. All these things I learnt through animals. Horses and dogs were my family and my friends. This is their story as much as it is mine.”


LOVED this autobiography by Clare Balding, well known British television presenter and sports personality who I first came across during the London 2012 Olympics. I remember enjoying her sense of humour and for some reason, I associate her most with the swimming, probably because SA’s darling, Chad Le Clos brought many of the swimming events to the forefront of our nation’s collective mind when bringing home GOOOOOOOLLLLDDDD!

The title of this book was what initially caught my attention (love the wordplay) and I only realised once I’d begun reading that it was about, and by, the very same Clare Balding of international fame – but not like a typical autobiography at all (thank goodness!)

The quote at the beginning of this post pretty much sums up the sentiment of the book. I liked that each chapter is almost written like a short story (but still very much interlinking) so it’s a really easy and enjoyable read if you are looking for something a little more light-hearted…

Would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something different: Clare’s honest accounts of her childhood antics are very amusing and tender, and I have to admit that I did shed a tear or two at the end because I thought she summed it all up really beautifully.


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