I washi taped my Macbook Pro…

…and it looks AWESOME! I’m so excited to show it off – so easy to do and makes such an impact visually – and the best part is, when you get sick of you, you can pull it all off and do it over with some new tapes/colours…

I’ve been hating the scratched and smudgy appearance of my once-pristine silver Macbook Pro and decided it was time for a makeover!


I chose a teal and light blue colour scheme and think it works really well.

close-up-of-stripesThe tapes I used come from:
Omiyage (the plain teal one, the checked teal one and the light blue one with see-through dots on it)
WashiBug (the two thinner tapes in plain teal and light blue)
Doolally Daisy (the light blue and white vine/leaf patterned one)

I started off on the left hand side and taped from top to bottom in straight lines, leaving the edges of the tape longer and hanging off the laptop to trim later…


I continued this way, taping right over the Apple icon/light…


Using a scalpel, I tackled the edges of the tape…

back-edge front-edgeafter-scalpel

I also used a scalpel to cut out the shape of the Apple icon/light (it helps to do this when the machine is on and functioning as you can see the shape more easily when the light shines through the tape)… To finish it off, I used some clear nail varnish across the front and back edges of the tape so that it doesn’t lift with use (be careful not to get any on the actual machine…)


My BIG MISTAKE of the day was allowing Baby Bird – my little artist in the making – to sit on my lap while I was doing this all. Firstly because it was damn difficult to balance her on one knee and tape at the same time, and secondly because she got hold of a pen and decided to add her own touch to my washi work!

Fortunately her artwork only messed up one strip of tape which I pulled off and replaced :)

Now I need to think of what to washi next…



11 thoughts on “I washi taped my Macbook Pro…

    • Andrea says:

      thanks friend, how do you think hubby will feel if I tape the 42″ TV, gas heater, fridge – EVERYTHING?! ;)

  1. The Dame Intl says:

    What a brilliant idea! I have gelaskins on my Macbooks but I like this DIY touch too :) Going to include this post in my Week on The Web post on Sunday :)

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