DIY: Felt & Ribbon Plushie Toy

plushie-faceI made this really sweet felt and ribbon baby plush toy recently for an old school friend in the UK who is due around the same time as me (also made her some of these adorable felt booties)

These sort of toys are great for small babies because they are soft and tactile – the ribbons and felt providing much sensory stimulus – Baby Bird (at 15 months) STILL loves anything with ribbons, tags, clothing labels etc so I’m a big fan of toys like these which are also colourful and cute.

I based my project on THIS TUTORIAL found on the Chez Beeper Bebe blog. It’s easy to follow and easy to adapt. Some of my work-in-progress pics below…plushie-planning-2Cutting felt and ribbon and planning…plushie-planningDeciding on ribbon pattern and spacing…plushie-sewingSewing… plushie-sewing-the-holeStitching up the gap after turning it inside out – tried to secretly stitch between the ribbon to hide it, doesn’t look too pretty here but you cant really see it once it’s complete… Before sewing this last gap up, plushie needs to be stuffed – I added a bell to the middle of the stuff so that it makes some noise when baby shakes it :)plushie-felt-embroidered-faceClose up of embroidered felt face (this needs to be done by hand prior to any machine sewing)…
plushie-face-2The finished product…plushie-backThe back – in retrospect I would have done another (different looking) felt embroidered face on the back…

Have a go! Great for gifts or to keep for your own little one – I definitely need to get going on one for Number Two!

Download Chez Beeper Bebe blog’s {PDF} Rainbow Plushie DIY here




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