DIY: Baby Clothes Dividers (FREE PRINTABLES)

In an attempt to start getting organised for the arrival of Number Two, I’ve started washing and sorting all of Baby Bird’s tiny little baby clothes – it’s quite convenient that we’re having another girl because I am so thrilled to be able to use them again!

These are some baby clothes dividers that I made recently to help with the preparation…

in-situ1 DIY-baby-clothes-dividers-cleverbirdbanter4 DIY-baby-clothes-dividers-cleverbirdbanter2

I’ve actually made some similar baby clothes dividers before (when we were still in the UK) and they turned out to be SO useful in organising all Addi’s miniature outfits because there just seemed to be so many!

Thought I would share the love by offering this set (plus some extra patterns!) as a FREE PRINTABLE – and I’ve also included a blank template with a protea illustration on in case any Mom’s out there want to do some organising in their own cupboards ;)


Click on images below to view available downloads and instructions close up…ย 


baby_clothes_dividers_grey chevron

baby_clothes_dividers_grey bunny

baby_clothes_dividers_pink stripes

baby_clothes_dividers_blue stripes


** each set, except the blank protea template, caters for a range of clothing age-groups up until 2 years of age **

TIP: when sticking your printable to card (before trimming) – make sure the cardboard you are using is very rigid. This will help to keep the dividers from deteriorating with use and will also keep them nice and stiff between hangers…



5 thoughts on “DIY: Baby Clothes Dividers (FREE PRINTABLES)

    • Andrea says:

      Hahaha thanks friend – my pics arent great sadly – I think my iPhone camera is sick :(

    • Andrea says:

      Excellent – you must – that’s why I made the blank protea ones! Happy organizing :) x

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